Chapter 1: Define the impact

What is the job you want your story to do?

To create an effective story, you first need to define the impact you want it to make. As with any business process, you start by bringing clarity to what you hope to achieve. This means articulating why you would tell a story, when you would use it, and what outcomes you're targeting. 

At the core, you’re looking to fill in the blanks for this essential question:

Slide1 - Story impact.jpg

The first blank is the Topic of the story that you're telling. The second blank is the Outcome that you're looking to achieve by telling the story.

As we across all the work happening in CSS, we see that there a number of Outcomes that can be impacted by storytelling:

CSS Story Overview Slide.jpg

Consider the challenges you might be facing, and proceed with the Workbook exercise.


Go to Page 2 in your workbook, “Scope the story: Define the impact,” and fill in the blanks to define your work.

Here’s how some of your peers in CSS have filled in these blanks:

  • “I need to tell a story about the Customer Experience Framework so that I can inspire and motivate a group of CSS ambassadors to buy-in and invest in it.”

  • “I need to tell a story about the value of the End User program so that I can get the mindshare and funding we need to make it successful.”

  • “I need to tell a story about how new habits in the organization that are making a difference with customers so that I can help sustain the performance gains we’re seeing.”

  • “I need to tell a story about the “Achieve More” in-a-box experimentation framework, so that I can motivate people to try even more experimentation and we can learn more.”