photography provided by Brian Smale

Mario Juarez learned about the power of storytelling at age 12...

...when he produced his first newsletter, an unauthorized exposé of his Boy Scout troop’s camping misadventures. Wildly popular with his fellow scouts, it would have undoubtedly gotten him kicked out if his scoutmaster had bothered to read it. Since then, he’s found more productive ways to employ his unique gifts as a storyteller.  


After graduating with a journalism degree from Miami University, Mario purchased a one-way ticket to the small town of Skagway, Alaska, where he launched a journalism career that ultimately spanned Alaska Public Radio, the Hartford Courant, the Austin Chronicle, the Seattle Times, and National Public Radio. In 1990, he joined Microsoft, where he enjoyed a long and diverse career as a corporate communications leader. He originated the company’s internal communications function (including the popular newsletter MicroNews), drove a range of technical PR programs, and managed executive communications programs for senior leaders including Satya Nadella. A prolific writer and producer, his videos garnered wide acclaim, including 11 Telly Awards.

In 2015, Mario recognized that storytelling could play a pivotal role in advancing the transformation that new CEO Satya Nadella was working to spark at Microsoft. So, Mario created “Storytelling for Impact,” an original methodology to help teams and individuals become better storytellers. Through keynotes and workshops, the program went viral, ultimately reaching more than 10,000 Microsoft employees and generating rave reviews. Mario left Microsoft in 2017 to devote his full-time energies to his new storytelling consultancy, StoryCo.  

Today, Mario helps businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals drive transformation using strategic storytelling. 

By revealing the biological underpinnings and sociological dynamics that make storytelling central to the human experience, he shows people how to unlock the power of their unique personal and organizational strengths and put them to work through story. 

At the core of Mario’s work is his understanding of how storytelling connects people to the most meaningful aspects of their lives: their inner aspirations and dreams, their feelings of mission and purpose, their relationships with family and friends. Through presentations, workshops, and 1:1 coaching, he focuses on empathy and meaning as the cornerstones of effective storytelling, guiding people through a creative process that connects them to deeper levels of purpose, trust, and empowerment. 

To engage with Mario, email him at (click the link at the bottom of this page).